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Setup Game - Choose Difficulty & Name



Help Guide

• Welcome to S.M.S.T Text Adventure! Please Read Below for a clear understanding of how to play Stock Market Story Teller!

• The game begins once you Setup the Game by pressing Setup Game & Start button and choosing the diffuculty and a name.

• You are a New Stock Investor ready for this months open Markets and grind to the top! Buy/Sell Stocks and Buy Bonds for nice end game profit.
• You start with a $2000 Loan from the Bank to get you started for any Events!

• The game consists of 30 days which can be played within 5-10 minutes.

• You need to eat food everyday to survive. You start with 25 Food and your Investor strongly suggests buying a fair quantity of Food at the first Buy Market you find!

• Watch the Stock Market Text Box to follow your randomized story and try to get top on the Leaderboard!

Buying and Selling Stocks | Collecting Bonds | Food! Food! Food!

Buying Stocks: The Buy Stocks Market has a chance of being found along the adventure. In the menu you can enter the amount of stocks you would like to purchase at the current amount shown per 1 stock and then hit Buy. The price can fluctuate ±30% so buy low! When you are finished with the shop you can continue by pressing Leave.

Selling Stocks: The Sell Stocks Market works the same way as Buy Stock Market. You enter the quantity you want to sell and press the Sell button. The price can fluctuate ±30% so sell high!

Collecting Bonds: Bonds are more expensive at $200 per Bonds and cannot be sold but have a chance to be Traded with an Event. Purchase at a Buy Market as they can turn a nice profit at end game. The lowest price a Bond can be worth at the end of the game is $195. But the highest worth per Bond can be up to $350! Decide for yourself if Bonds are worth buying and holding until the end of the game.

Maintain Food: When Food hits 0, the Investor dies of starvation and loses everything! Be sure to have good quantities of Food (at least 60) at all times in case of Events where your Food may drop rapidly. Also, you consume 2 to 3 Food per day!

Game Features
• Both Good and Bad Automatic Random Events can happen which can increase or decrease Stocks, Bonds and Food at various quantities.

• 0 to 5 Events can happen per day. They can be Automatic or Choice Events. When a Choice Event comes up, you must choose one of the choices by clicking one of the buttons after reading the Choice Event Box that appears.

• The game pauses while these Events take place. Press the Leave button to continue your game.

• The Cash Emoji will move from left to right while the game is not paused. This and the Calender day will inform you how far you have left to go.

Sports Betting: Days to Bet on are Day 4 and Day 16. Select a game youd like to bet on. Pick the team youd like to bet on. Each time the Bet button is pressed, -$100 is taken from your account and put on the side. The games begin Day 15 and Day 28. If you win, your winnings are $500 * amountOfBetsMade.

Remember! Prices fluctuate ±30% as time goes on! Find best deals!

• The Day Icon: Day Icon | The current day out of 30 days.
• The Cash Icon: Cash Icon | Your current Cash.
• The Food Icon: Food Icon | Your current Food. 0 = death!
• The Stock Icon: Stock Icon | Number of owned Stocks.
• The Bond Icon: Bond Icon | Number of owned Bonds.

Approx. Profit Graph: This estimates your current profit by subtracting the $2000 starting amount by your current Bond, Stocks and Cash worth based off Average Prices.
(Cash + (Bonds*200) + (Stocks*1) - 2000)

Average Prices Chart: Below the graph you can see Average Prices.
• Use these as a reference for buying and selling at good prices!

• Press the Restart Game button to play again!
• The game lasts about 5-10 minutes depending on user speed.

**Please note** EVERYTHING is randomly generated!
• Scroll to the top and press the x to close this window.


Change Log

01/03/2022 - FIRST START

+ Added Buy Market, Text UI, Progress Bar
- Learn how to add a sell popup.

+ Added Game Instructions.
+ Fixed UI for some phones.
+ Added Restart Button.
> Tweak values for time being. Until Sell added.

+ Added Sell Market for Stocks.
+ Added more Stat Change Events.

+ First Choice Event Added! Casino or Dinner.
+ Added Average Prices Description.
> UI fixes.
> Change starting amounts of food and money.

+ Added icons for food, calander, cash. Improved stats bar.
> Values tweaked.

+ Added Flip a Coin Choice Event.
+ Added Approx. Profit Realtime Graph.
> Values tweaked including start amounts.

+ Added Collect Dividends Choice Event.
> Adjusted buy market to always show all options at varied prices.
> Updated all icons.
> Fixed graph not adding after being negative.

+ Added Hire Assistant Choice Event: Hire a personal assistant for the day for a potential to make you profit via bonds and stocks! Sometimes you can lose money too!
> UI fixes and cleanup.
> UI Tweaks.
> Values tweaked.
+ Added Hard coded Leaderboard. People send screenshot and I add them to the board.

Major updates completed!

+ Added a Buy Stocks Market where user chooses quantity to buy.
> Changed Sell Stocks so user selects quantity of stocks to sell.
- Removed stocks from regular Buy Market.
> More negative food events happen.
> Food is consumed slightly faster.
> Increased cost of food from $5 to $10.
> Leaderboards shown on load. Can be hidden using button.
> Top 5 leaderboards now instead of 3.

> Adjusted food consumption back down to 0.5 from 0.6.
> Starting food set to 20 from 15.
> Cleared leaderboards.

> Added one more Buy Market Chance
> Change font of version to white so I can see it.
> Extend width of buy and sell stocks.
> Change all white backgrounds to blueish.
> Added a Logo.
> Fixed Info Box.
> Added URL in progress bar.
> Slight style changes to help box.
> Fixed margins of icons.

+ Added background image to page.
> Fixed leaderboard style.
> Made site scrollable.
> Fixed all containers to fit equally.
> Centered Hide Info button.
- Removed Donate Button in Info Box.

> Updated Average Prices with a clean IMG instead of text.
> Renamed and moved Show/Hide Info button to beside Restart Game button. Also one in the box.

+ Added Game results screenshot from player to be viewed by clicking on their name in the leaderboards.

> Centered everything.
> Made desktop and mobile versions.

+ Added favicon.
> Larger Stats style.
> Fixed to what i think is best for desktop size.

> Changed button label Show/Hide Info to Help Guide.
> Changed button styling.
> Reworded Help Guide.

> Changed site to PHP.
+ Added Nick Name Box and Start Game button.
+ Added Game log. sim.keifersmith.com/log
> Say their name in the start, death and endgame box.

> Increased money payout from Choice Events.
> Increased starting food amount from 20 to 25.
> Decreased Food loss events. (Only one -5 Food now)
> Increased Food consumption to 0.55 from 0.5
> Changed game.speed = 5 AND FINAL.DISTANCE = 749
(5 steps per day at speed 5 = 5*5=25 (750/25 = 30 days)
> Fixed bug at end game would send event after day ended. (if statement at random events function)
> Decreased padding on icons from 5px to 1px
(Due to larger numbers caused a shift of bonds to next line last game I played)

> Updated Help Guide to be even more detailed... I dont think it could get longer :P

+ Added various difficulties which alter payouts from events, adjust food consumption and changes starting amounts.

> Changed Game Log format to show day died on.

> Buy Market will always show up at start now.

> Enhanced UI.
> Moved Changelogs, Help Guide & Setup Game into Modals.

+ Added percentage gain/loss at end game to stocks and bonds worth.

+ Added new Event: Trade Bonds For Stocks.
+ Added new Event: Car Broke Down.

+ Added Sports Betting (Football & Hockey)

+ Added new event - Rock, Paper, Scissors
> Adjusted how betting works.
- Removed Car Broke Down event.

> Animated UI to fade in.
> Prevent same event from happening in a row.
> God Mode with password.

Current Version - v1.5.8:
+ Added new event: Invest in Startup Company.

+ Added new event: Casino - Play Blackjack or Roulette.
> Adjusted Start-up company payout to be increased.

Current Version - v1.6.1:
> Adjusted Roulette game at Casino - Select colour and number now.




Note: This is updated manually!
Rank Name Profit Difficulty
1st Daniel $64,197.19 Normal
2nd Keifer $52,873.11 Normal
3rd Novapod $38,349.05 Normal
Rank Name Profit Difficulty
1st Keifer $87,874.13 Easy
2nd Dest $47,628.89 Easy
3rd your spot is mine $43,844.72 Easy
Rank Name Profit Difficulty
1st Keifer $11,731.21 Hard
2nd Russell $8908.23 Hard
3rd --- $0 Hard